In memory of Miss Jeanette Grossmann

Headmistress 1890 - 1914

The Oral History Project was initiated by the Friends of Grossmann & Brough Houses. 

It tells the stories of bright-eyed school girls during their formative years at Maitland Girls High School and aims to record an era of Grossmann & Brough Houses that once functioned as their school. 

The stories are humorous and engaging and draw you into a little known history of Maitland. 

We hope you enjoy their  recollections!

Grossmann and Brough Houses and grounds are currently operated by the National Trust of Australia (NSW). Grossmann House is a restored Victorian house museum with furnishings and textiles open to the public. Brough House hosts the Australian Museum of Clothing & Textiles, Maitland Regional Museum, and a Fibre Makers Space with workshops. 

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School badge & motto: Work conquers all
Pre 1963 Site & surrounds